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Height: 5'6"
Weight: 133
Hair: Dark Brown, Long
Eyes: Brown

Kazumi Zatkin
SAG-AFTRA (#922539)
Shamon Freitas

The Forest Akira 611 Films
Tales From The Dead Mai Halffictions Productions
Ode In Blood Sakura Rea Rengaka Productions
Love Rebooted Mari Hachitan Productions
Repercussions Yuki Noguchi Shu Media Productions
War Of The Wolves Yuki Shu Media Productions
Lucky Numbers: A Musical Kazumi Dawson Digital Pictures
Good Soil Maruta Endurance Productions
Miss Casting Keiko Contradictory Films

Numb3rs Kimono Girl CBS
Short Notice Herself MNet

Wicked Lit: Rashomon (2015) Supporting: Himiko Unbound Productions
Living with Father(2014) Lead: Mitsueo Studio Theatre
The Face Of Jizo (2014) Lead: Mitsue Fukuyoshi Studio Stage
The Importance of Being Earnest (2013) Lead: Gwendolyn Lana Playhouse
Madame Butterfly (2011-2012) Lead: Madame Butterfly Ventura Court Theatre
Katana (2012) Principal: Okinu Morgan Wixson Theatre
Yuzuru (2012) Lead: Otsu J.E.T. Studio
Memory of Mother (2011) Supporting: Otose Fire Rose Productions
Hanjo (2010-2011) Lead: Hanako Edinburgh Fringe Festival
Hana-Ko (2010) Lead: The Lady C.A.P.S. Productions
The Lady Aoi (2010) Primcipal: Aoi Luna Playhouse
A Fool on a Roof (2010) Supporting: Oyoshi Arigato Kai
Utsutsu (Understudy) (2010) Lead: Oyou Bamsdall Gallery Theatre
Houichi, The Earless (2009) Principal: Messenger Arigato Kai

Accent Reduction/American Standard Accents Elizabeth Burnette
Accent Reduction/American Standard Accents Adam Michael Rose
Improv iO West
Improv The Second City
Scene Study Cameron Thor
Scene Study Alice Carter
On-Camera Study San Diego Actors Workshop
Chekhov Technique Kaz Matamura
Cold Reading/Commercials Samuel Warren C.S.A.
Theatre Arts Orange Coast College
Japanese Dance Master Mitsuhiro Bando

Special Skills:
Japanese (Native language) & Japanese culture (Wear/move properly in Kimono, Customs, Folklore, etc.), Nichibu (Japanese dance), Yoga, Karate, Running, All around athletic, Horseback riding, Paintball, Shiatsu Massage, Certified Reiki practitioner, Great with children and love animals.